Missing Andy Pettitte

It started as a tweet, “Pettitte to announce retirement tomorrow”, I thought to myself, “I’ve heard this before, doesn’t mean its real.” Except this tweet was from YESNetwork. The tweets continued, from YESNetwork, from MLB, from other Yankee fans. So I started to get worried. I’m not going to say I was panicking, but I did go to iTunes and download all the World Series games they had available that Andy pitched in. Then I went to Amazon and ordered The New York Yankees Fall Classic Collector’s Edition, 1996-2001. Then I waited.

The next day at 10:30 I logged onto MLB.com to watch the live press conference. There was Andy with all his sexy southern charm and that lovely drawl saying he wasn’t going to pitch with the Yankees anymore. I didn’t cry, but to say I didn’t feel a sense of loss would be a lie. I know there are a lot of people writing about Andy leaving and I wanted to add something special to mine, something no-one else had, here it is.

During this past season, I was at the gym, there was no game that night, I don’t know if it was the All-Star break or something else, but I was looking through the channels for something to watch, and I found the Yankee Classics. The game was the 1998 World Series against the San Diego Padres, Game 4, Andy Pettitte was pitching. So I kept the channel there, it was like a new game to me since I hadn’t seen it before. I remember I was talking to the T.V., telling Andy that I “knew” he was going to win. This lady was watching me and asked if that was the baseball game. I explained to her what I was watching and that Andy Pettitte was pitching. I don’t know what team if any she followed, but she said, “He is such a good guy, everybody likes him.”

Also, as I was moaning on Facebook, “Good-bye Andy. My.Heart.Is.Breaking.” and then said, “Yankees are dooooomed!” (sarcasm font please!), someone replied in agreement, then another friend posted, “It’s the Yankees – they find away. No matter how hard the rest of the baseball world wishes they didn’t – they always do.” She’s not a Yankee fan, I think she roots for the Braves. If she thinks this, what’s wrong with Yankee fans that seriously think we’re doomed? I know some personally, I want to slap them.

And after a particularly trying day at work I get home to find this waiting for me.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~😛