Swisher honored at Munson Awards Dinner

My sweet Nicky got an award! In thanks for all his charitable works, like his Swish’s wishes etc. He was honored at the Thurman Munson Awards Dinner. The first one was held in 1980, the year after Munson died and his widow hoped that the memory of her husband would influence positive change in the community for a short while. 31 years later, the Awards are still going, people still remember Thurman Munson as a great man, Nick Swisher said that to hear his name in the same sentence with Munson “was amazing”.

Of Nick Swisher, Diana Munson is quoted as saying: “I love the way he plays, I love his enthusiasm. Most importantly, he respects the history of baseball and the Yankees. On Old Timers’ Day, he was out there getting autographs and taking pictures. He’s not embarrassed by his love of the game, and respects the players. Plus, he’s cute.”

Charitable athletes honored with ‘Thurmans’