Felix is King of AL pitchers, taking Cy Young

“Voters side with Hernandez’s dominant stats despite 13 wins”

Yeah, I stole the title. Somebody will probably sue me.

As a Yankee fan I wanted C.C. to win the Cy Young, of course I didn’t really expect him to. I was a little surprised that he was in 3rd place though (he was third right?). The big story here was people wondering why Little Man Felix should when his win total was so low. His pitching stats are phenomenal however. It just that he pitches for a sucky team.

People were also saying how, the only reason CC won 21 games was because he was pitching for the Yankees, that he’s not that good of a pitcher. They point to the run support. The Yankees scored more than four runs in 23 of Sabathia’s 34 starts. So of course he won all those games. However if he had given up more then 4 runs in those games, like another pitcher we know and love (well maybe not all of us love him) … I’m sure you get the point. Cy Young winner or not, C.C. is the Yankee’s ace pitcher.

In other news:
Rothschild named Yankees pitching coach