Not much to say

It is the off-season, not much is happening with the Yankees these days, therefore I have not been posting much. I’ve been using the time to catch up on my reading and writing. Blogging on my other blogs and such.

Awards are being handed out, I don’t see much point in coming here and saying, “The rookie of the year was this two players from other teams” or “Joe Girardi didn’t win Manager of the Year, he came in fourth”. If you are a regular reader of this blog you know I’m not much for quoting stats and numbers and explaining what they mean. I really don’t understand them myself. To paraphrase Derek Jeter, ‘It’s not just about the numbers’. Think about it, if Jorge hits a ground ball to short, is the short stop going to respond in the same way as if it was Brett Gardner hitting? I don’t really have a point I’m proving, I just wanted to let my readers know I haven’t forgotten about them.

If you want to know who has won the most recent awards, the link is in my page title, ‘What’s next’. I will be back here posting when the contracts start being finalized and we know who is in the lineup for opening day.