A connection between two first basemen

Teixeira honored at Lou Gehrig banquet

Last May Mark Teixeira hit three home runs against Boston. The only other Yankee player to do that against the Red Sox was . . . Lou Gehrig in 1927. They also both were first baseman. Last Thursday Teixeira was honored with the “Lou Gehrig Sports Award”.

“The main reason I’m here is because of George Murray and his family. Tra and Kim, along with George, really made a big impression on me last year at Yankee Stadium. Tra is a year older than my son. After visiting with George and realizing that he was losing the battle with ALS, I went home and looked at my son, and just thought about growing up without his father, or me not being able to see my son grow up. We’re really here for George Murray and fathers everywhere, sons everywhere, and we need to find a cure for this disease.”

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~😛