Then and now ~ Giants win the World Series again (finally!)

In 1954 the New York Giants won the World Series*, it would take them 56 years to win another one, this time as the San Francisco Giants. In the 1954 series, many predicted the Cleveland Indians would sweep. They had the strongest pitching rotation in baseball with a .721 winning percentage, they had “dethroned” the reigning champions the NY Yankees and the Giants had historically not done well in the post-season. The New York Giants however, had defeated the defending National League champions from 1953, the Brooklyn Dodgers, they had Willie Mays (National League-leading .345, with forty-one home runs and one-hundred ten runs batted in) and pitcher Johnny Antonelli (with twenty-one wins). this was a formidable 1-2 combination.

Game 1 was held at the Polo Grounds and the fans in attendance witnessed what is considered by many to be the greatest defensive play in World Series history. With the opener tied at 2-2 (in the eighth) and two Cleveland runners on base, Willie Mays made a spinning, over-the-shoulder catch (of a 460-foot smash from Vic Wertz) in deep centerfield and fired a bullet to the infield that held the runners from tagging up and scoring. Giants 1, Indians 0

“There’s a long drive way back in center field . . . way back, back! It is . . . oh, what a catch by (Willie) Mays! The runner on second, (Larry) Doby, is able to go to third. Willie Mays . . . just brought this crowd to its feet . . . with a catch . . . which must have been an optical illusion to a lot of people. Boy!” – Jack Brickhouse of NBC-TV

In Game 2 Cleveland got a run with a first-pitch-of-the-game homer. However that was the only run they scored off Antonelli. Giants 2, Indians 0. Game 3 was played in Cleveland with the Indians hoping “home field advantage” would help them win. Unfortunately for them the Giants struck hard in the first inning and kept going beating the Indians 6-2. Giants 3, Indians 0

By the top of the fifth in game 4, it looked like New York would sweep, they were leading 7-0, then Cleveland tried to rally with a 3-run homer in the bottom of the fifth. Antonelli pitched in relief and the rally was stopped. The sweep of the series was by the Giants. Giants 4, Indians 0

In the 2010 Series, the Giants were once again considered the underdogs. The Texas Rangers were young and fast, and they had beaten the reigning champions, The New York Yankees. Those that were touting the Rangers seemed to forget that the Giants had beaten last years NL Champions to get to the World Series, thus proving that they were a team to be reckoned with. There was no sweep, the Rangers won game 3, but the Giants did win in 5 games.

And the unlikely hero of game 5? Edgar Renteria, who played 72 games this season, 72 games, I don’t know if he was injured or just benched, but he hit a 3 run home run off Cliff Lee. It was when Kasey went up to take a bath, the bath always works. Lincecum was pitching like the Cy Young winner he is (can we buy him? Someone should find a way to get him, like now) and held Texas to 1 run. How sweet to beat Texas in their own ball park. How sweet that the last out was a strike out. I mean for the last out your team makes to lose the World Series, a swing and a miss, that’s got to be embarrassing. Buster was excited, now he won’t miss any more school. I normally only do this for the Yankees, but it is the World Series, which I did watch so …. Enjoy the fireworks.

* Information about the 1954 Series found at the Baseball Almanac

~~and that’s all~~ lo dice la principessa😛