Friday, October 22, 2010 ~ End of the season for NYY

~~Rangers 6, Yankees 1~~

There was a tweet-up scheduled for this game, it was ‘the last tweet-up of the ALCS’. It turned out to be the last tweet-up of the season (I’m talking Yankee baseball here) as the Yankees lost and the Texas Rangers are going to the Super bowl. Pitchers of the day were Phil Hughes, David Robertson, Kerry Wood and Mariano Rivera. The only pitcher who didn’t give up a run was Mo. I not talking about the offense, cause as you can see, there was none. Yankees were completely outplayed by the Rangers.

So now I am trying to adjust to an October with no Yankee baseball. Two things have made me feel a little better. One is the Giants demolished the Cowboys (Texas) and tonight, Game 1 of the World Series, San Francisco Giants got 8 runs off Cliff Lee.

Tomorrow I’ll be back to comment on Mrs. Lee and treatment by fans.

~~and that’s all~~ lo dice la principessa😛