Have faith in A.J. ~ But sometimes ….

~~Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Rangers 10, Yankees 3~~

As you may know, A.J. Burnett has been rather inconsistent this season. A person could go so far as to say the only thing you can predict about A.J. is that, …. he is unpredictable. When it was announced that A.J. would be pitching in Game 4, some people were upset. My opinion on the subject is, no matter what he has done, he is still a Yankee, I will still root for him and hope he does well. Face facts people, if A.J. fails, the team loses.

Some thought that if the Yankees were down, Girardi would put in C.C., but he didn’t, on Twitter it was applauded by many, they don’t like to see “panic” moves. There was also a big “A.J.” promotion, #GoAJ, #InAJweTrust and so on. Not everyone joined in of course, but a lot also changed their profile pictures or ‘Avi’ to a picture of A.J. or this badge that had “In AJ We Trust”. It seemed to be working since he was pitching pretty good, 2 runs in the 3rd, unfortunately the Yankees weren’t hitting well either, they had only 3 runs. Things started to fall apart in the 5th, when Teixeira got hurt. **True confession time** I wasn’t watching the game, I was waxing and I have this theory or maybe a tiny belief that the Yankees play better when I’m not watching.

The game was on upstairs so I could hear it and went upstairs when Robinson hit a home run, Ron Washington ran out to dispute it, the outfielder claimed ‘fan interference’, the umpire ruled it wasn’t (and video replay confirmed it) and play continued. Then Berkman hit a home run, Ron Washington ran out to dispute that one and it was overturned on review, it was just foul, by a half inch if that. After that I was following the game on Twitter, and saw the tweets “OH NO TEX” “Please don’t be hurt”, so I went upstairs and started watching and in the 6th inning things just got worse with a 3 run home run by that fat Bengie Molina, yes I know that is a mean thing to say about a person, but I am just that angry right now. A.J. got charged with 5 earned runs but he is really only responsible for 4 since before Molina he IBBd David Murphy and we know the pitcher doesn’t make that decision.

Thames came in to run for Mark, then he went into right field, (because we certainly can’t trust him at first base) and Swisher came in to play first. With Texas now up by two runs, and the hits started coming. But not for the Yankees, for the Rangers. Which is why the standing is 3-1 Texas.

On that note, I would like to point out that in a best of 7 series, one team has to win 4 games. That has not happened yet, and until it happens I will continue to have faith that my team is going to win the series. Just like I always have faith down to the last out during a game.

~~and that’s all~~ lo dice la principessa😛