Reade Street tweet-up and a postponed game

It was supposed to be a gathering of Yankee fans (met through Twitter) to watch the game. @marciaherold suggested we meet at the bar where she worked, Reade Street Pub & Restaurant, so after my manicure I headed down there and for once I didn’t walk the wrong way. I did however, go out the wrong exit of the subway and so had a long walk to the bar. Along the way I dropped my i-Pod, the nice young lady who yelled at me that I dropped something and picked it up for me, in some eerie coincidence was going to the same place, we looked at each other and laughed.

The game was rained out, the tweet-up was simply incredible. There were some twitter people that I had met before and some I hadn’t. Marcia turned one of the T.V.s to the Rays & Royals game and @tommy_reyes started a “Lets go Royals” chant, “Clap-clap, clap, clap, clap” when they scored a run. He also proposed marriage, (sort-of, I’m told, I kind of missed that), was the leading voice in the roll-call and decided it would be a good idea to have SoCo-Lime shots (someone stole mine). In other words he was having a lot of fun and helping everyone else have fun too.

Besides Marcia, Tommy and me (@Rebel_U), also there was @Stefmara, @SimplySmoov, @amandarykoff, @TheLastJesus, @rebeccapbp, @EJGoose, @ruaalien2, @KelsODonnell, @23yanksgoyard , @JeffreyNYY, @jaydestro, @bkabak, @BNiche and @stevensmithy. All great Yankee (and other sports) fans, give them a look and a follow. If I missed anybody I apologize and I would also like to thank Marcia, I got most of the names from her tweets, since I have such a terrible memory.

Also, this picture was taken by Marcia, if you click on this picture it will take you to her TwitPic account where you can see this picture bigger and also see a picture of the ‘marriage proposal’.

Reade St. tweetup on Twitpic

~~and that’s all~~ lo dice la principessa😛