Tied for first place

Someone on twitter said they got tickets for $6 dollars for the ALDS. Someone else asked if she had forgotten a zero. No, she said, “I got the E-Mail, I went online, clicked on $6 tickets and got them.” That inspired me to keep trying. Now I didn’t click on the $6 tickets, those are in the bleachers. Kasey and I prefer the grandstand, so I clicked on the grandstand, no tickets, I went down a level, no tickets. Tried again and it was “Standing room only, limited view”. Pass and I gave up.

This evening I decided to try again, and it went through! Then I couldn’t remember my password for ticketmaster. So I lost the tickets. After I reset my password I tried again and it went through again! The same seats as the first time. So I purchased them and it looks like I am going to my first ever post season game.

homefield advantage desiredHowever, I may have messed up in the day I picked, I might end up not being able to go, if the Yankees start at home there is no problem, if they start away and then skip a day, it could be a problem. So I quickly went to check the scoreboard and Tampa Bay lost. So we are tied for first place! So now the Yankees just have sweep Boston or Tampa Bay needs to keep losing.

~~and that’s all~~ lo dice la principessa