Tuesday, September 28, 2010 ~ And they’re off!

~~Yankees 6, Blue Jays 1~~

With this win the Yankees are going to the post season. They haven’t won the division, but they also are not out of it yet. They lost today (Wednesday, September 29, 2010; Blue Jays 8, Yankees 4) but so did Tampa.

C.C. gave up one home run, pitched 111 pitches, into the 9th inning. Then Mo came in to end the game.

Happy DancingThis was my mood when I came into work today, and it stayed my mood until I talked to my boss, “Mr. Gloom & Doom” “Mr. Joy Sucker” who started saying how, “With the way they are playing they won’t make it past the first round ~~blah blah blah~~.” Oh just shut up, why can’t he just let me be happy for a while? Then he wonders why I don’t go out to lunch or to get a beer with him like the boss before him. So he’s stupid, I get it. And now that the Yankees lost tonight, I don’t know if I even want to go to work tomorrow. I might just kill him.

Tonight’s game wasn’t a total loss, as I said, Tampa Bay also lost so we are still in the running for the Division title. Alex Rodriguez hit his 30th homer of the season. The 14th time in his Major League career he has had at least 30 homers and 100 RBIs, which extends his record. It is the 13th consecutive season in which Rodriguez has hit 30 homers. Last season was much more dramatic, hitting a grand slam in his very last at bat. Ah well. Proof that Alex is becoming less of a drama queen.

~~and that’s all~~ lo dice la principessa