Tuesday, September 21, 2010 ~ That’s two down

~~Yankees 8, Rays 3~~

Monday’s game we sat in the bleachers, where I got to see @baldvinny in person, not exactly close up and in person, and I did hear him first. Roll call is fun, but I am not really cut out for the bleachers, more of a princess then a creature. 😛

Tonight we sat in the grandstand, looking down on 1st base and just off to the right, Nick Swisher’s domain. Next to an old man and a young man, looked like grandson and grandfather but I didn’t ask. A nice but rather opinionated man. Swisher started things off with a bang, (insert puffy heart here) for an exciting first inning and the Yankees started the game with 5 runs.

The man behind us was also rather opinionated, kept criticizing Girardi every chance he got. I told Kasey, he must be a Torre fan. I won’t say I hate Torre, but I definitely don’t like him. He wasn’t all bad, he did get the security person to get the two kids blocking everybody’s view to sit down (people, if you are going to bring your kids to game, teach them how to behave, such as, sit in your seat, don’t stand at the bottom of the stairs and block other fans views and most importantly, the wave is not to be done at Yankee Stadium).

Phil gave up 3 runs in 6.1 innings getting his 17th win, Javier pitched a scoreless inning and Chamberlain got the save. Some people (commenters on the MLB site) were complaining about Javier being brought in to pitch. Even now there are Javy haters. I know that I have made no secret of the fact that I don’t like Joba, but its purely a personal thing, when he pitches good, I can’t complain.

This time, when Kasey and I went down to the great hall, she turned to me and said, “Tonight we don’t leave until Frank starts to sing.” I had a momentary heart attack when Jorge went down, he got hit with a foul ball, we were ready to go back and punch Evan Longoria, but he turned and put his hand on Jorge’s head as if to say, “You O.K. there?” Of course he’s not O.K.! He just got hit in the groin! I think every man there cringed, I cringed, that’s a sensitive spot on girls too. But he got back up and finished the inning. Game over, Yankees win.

~~and that’s all~~ lo dice la principessa😛