Friday, September 17, 2010 ~ It was like church, almost

~~Yankees 4, Orioles 3~~

Kasey and D are in Baltimore. They had tickets to this game. Tonight was my regular nail appointment. The texts from Kasey started while I was getting my nails done. First she was afraid of getting killed. Then she said there were plenty of Yankee fans. She kept texting me, even when she knew I was getting my nails done. Esther looked at my phone then at me every time it lit up. Most of Kasey’s texts were (surprise!) about Mark. In only one text did she tell me the score. First she was upset they were booing Mark, then she mentions Alex’s home run, then about how Mark is his usual hotness, thank God for Curtis, with no statement of why she was making these comments. I suppose I have done the same thing, but I give the score, when someone scores a run.

Toward the end of the game I texted her: “You were supposed to tell them to win. :(” (At this point the Orioles were ahead) She said they were trying, AJ wasn’t “doing bad but we leaving too many men on base…” And then Alex hit the 3 run home run. “Tampa lost n we Mo’d em”. Her last tweet mentioned how lame tame the Orioles fans were, not like Red Sox fans, they had a great time. I told here I read a tweet, someone on the Orioles saying he wished the NY fans would go home. Kasey replied that without the NY fans, it would have been like church, empty.

When I got home, I didn’t turn the game on, I was a little bummed and not just from the fact that the Yankees were losing to the Orioles. I was keeping track on my phone, when I saw the text that Alex had hit a 3 run home in the bottom of the 9th and then saw that text had been sent 10 minutes earlier, I dashed out my bedroom and into my T.V. room. The cat looked at me like I was crazy. I turned my T.V. on and the Yankees were one out away from winning. Mo was pitching, on the last pitch, broken bat and Derek fielded it, right into Mark’s waiting glove. I always prefer an out like that as opposed to ‘caught looking’. To me, it is indisputable, where they can say it was a ball not a strike, when the ball is in the glove of the first basemen before the runner tags, you are out, go sit down.

~~and that’s all~~ lo dice la principessa 😛