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If you have ever read my page, you will know my favorite Yankee of all time is Jim “Catfish” Hunter. Here’s a little tidbit from a fellow Yankee tweeter:

@MyPinstripes: On this day in 1979, the #Yankees held Catfish Hunter Day. RIP Cat

~~and that’s all~~ lo dice la principessa 😛


Wednesday, September 15, 2010 ~ Jeter a cheater?

~~Rays 4, Yankees 3~~

It happened in the 7th inning, the pitch hit the end of the bat, possibly causing a vibration and startling Jeter, he jumped around. It was ruled a hit by pitch and he was awarded first base. Joe Maddon came out to argue, saying the ball hit the bat not Jeter, he argued so much he was tossed. After the game, Kim Jones asked Jeter where did the ball hit. He answered, “The bat.” The umpire told him to take first base and he wasn’t going to argue. Now some people are screaming he cheated.

No, he didn’t cheat, it was a blown call. Now anyone that knows me will say I am just saying that because I love Jeter. 😛 Just look at what is on my desk, and that’s not the whole collection, I also have a Jeter calendar, yep, 12 months of Jeter. But there are other reasons I say he didn’t cheat. When Ian Kinsler was called safe at second, I didn’t say he cheated, I said the umpire Marquez made a bad call. Jeter argued, Cervelli argued, Joe came out from the dugout and argued. What did Kinsler do? He knew he had been tagged and was out, he stood up, stayed on second base and kept his damn mouth shut. I don’t recall anyone saying he cheated.

When a pitcher throws a pitch off the plate and its called a strike, or the catcher frames the pitch so it looks like a strike and the pitch is called a strike, are they cheating because they don’t tell the umpire, you’re wrong, this is a ball? When a batter gets a walk on 3 balls and 3 strikes, is he cheating because he didn’t tell the umpire, that last pitch was really a strike not a ball? No, those are all blown calls by the umpire. On the baseball diamond what blue says goes.

Anytime an umpire blows a call, there is a team that is ‘cheated’ and a team the gets a gift. The players who get the ‘gift’ are not cheaters, chances are at some point, they will be cheated themselves by a blown call. There have been plenty of times when the Yankees have been cheated. Its the nature of the game played by humans and officiated by humans. And in this case it is really a moot point and people should just get over it, like yesterday.

One more thing then I’m shutting up about Jeter (for now), some have also said that his ‘act’ is a good argument for instant replay in baseball, well what about the play I mentioned with Kinsler? Wouldn’t that be a better argument for instant replay? Actually don’t both plays have equal weight in this argument? Or is it just because Jeter acted? Joe Maddon had no beef with Derek, his beef was with the umpires.

Now I would like to talk to all the people out on the ledge because we lost this series to Tampa Bay. First, tell me where your tickets are, if you don’t have tickets, just give me your credit card. Now JUMP! If you thought this series was going to be a walk in the park you really don’t know baseball, Tampa Bay is in second place (I mean they were), I knew going in this was going to be tough, the Yankees knew it was going to be tough, even my cat >^,,^< knew it was going to be tough! But the real reason I want you to jump is I am tired of dealing with fucking idiots.

~~and that’s all~~ lo dice la principessa 😛