Wednesday, September 8, 2010 ~ A walk-off home run

~~Yankees 3, Orioles 2~~

Today was my regular day off so I made sure I was home when the game was on. I watched upstairs on the hi-def television. So nice, and Ivan was pitching so nice. Then the Orioles took the lead. Still I kept the T.V. on while I did all the stuff I needed to do.

One of which was coloring my hair, End of the eighth inning I went up to rinse out the dye. It takes a long time and then I have to wash it. Kasey came home and sat down in the living room to watch the game. As I was drying my hair, I hear her start yelling, “YES! YES!” I left the bathroom and ran downstairs, I was in my flip-flops so I almost fell on the stairs, she tells me, “Nick with the walk off home run! You should have seen his face when he realized he had won the game!” I watched the replay, I watched his interview with Kim, of course we were waiting for pie, which A.J. finally delivered and managed to get Kim, at which point Mo said something to her and she pushed him, must have said something naughty, not Mo! Yes Mo. And the last time Swisher hit a walk-off home run was last year on this day!

Posada did not play because he had concussion symptoms after getting hit with foul ball yesterday, but tests were negative and he is day to day.

My boss was at this game, when he came into work the next day he said, “If I had my phone yesterday I would have told you a terrible story.” I looked at him, “When Swisher hit the walk-off home run, I was on the platform for the #4 train.” The rest of the day, I kept telling him, “Never leave early!” And he kept trying to justify it.

~~and that’s all~~ lo dice la principessa 😛