Tuesday, August 31, 2010 ~ Knock Knock, Are you awake A’s?

~~Yankees 9, Athletics 3~~

Before this series started, my boss told me the A’s would be a tough team to beat. Oh really? Tough for whom? A little league team? At the start of the series they were a .500 team. Watching them play, it seems they didn’t bring their ‘A’ game (pun intended). Their pitchers don’t seem to be able to field the ball, or their infielders are having trouble throwing them. Did no one tell them the Yankees will take advantage of every mistake you make?

Not to rag on the A’s too much, after all the Yankee bats are red hot. Swisher with a 2 run home run, Granderson with a home run (anybody think K. Long is a wizard, genius or witchdoctor? Maybe all three? How about just the best hitting coach in major league baseball?) and Teixeira with a 3 run home run (didn’t I tell you he would turn things around? And did you believe me? Next time you will). Right there the game was won, we didn’t need those 3 extra runs. Just doing it for fun, practice for the Toronto series. Gardner stole 2nd base, then Jeter on base, Gardner takes off for 3rd and Jeter takes off for 2nd. Suzuki tried to pick of Jeter, not successful. I was watching closely and couldn’t see any kind of signal between Brett and Derek, it was like they both just decided to run, at the exact same time.

Everyone was saying Phil didn’t have his ‘best stuff’, even he said that giving up 2 runs, then Chad Gaudin gives up a home run. Even then it was, oh well we were 7 runs ahead, now we are six, because Chad didn’t let anybody get on base. David Robertson closed out the game and Phil picks up his 16th win.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛