A Loss ~ A Last Minute Win ~ That’s Why He’s Big Stoppa

~~Friday, August 20, 2010
Mariners 6, Yankees 0~~

He’s called “King Felix” I don’t know why, but he dominates the Yankees. This game was disappointing. A.J. was pitching and gave up the 6 runs. But as someone said, can you hold A.J. completely responsible when the offense didn’t score any runs? Don’t worry, someone said, King Felix is all they have.

Felix’s domination of Yanks has no comp

~~Saturday, August 21, 2010
Yankees 9, Mariners 5~~

It appears that person knows what she is talking about considering that Javier didn’t have his best stuff. Actually he didn’t have very good stuff at all, giving up 4 runs in 3 innings. Then Chad Gaudin came in for 3, then Boone for 1 (he got the win for this game, (that’s what happens when you pitch the right inning) his first for this season. Mariano actually gave up a run, not that it mattered. He still got the save. Which is something I don’t understand, why he gets a save in a non save situation.

I didn’t watch this game, I was in the city doing totally girl things. Getting a manicure, getting my left ear re-pierced (it was pierced too close to the other ear and wasn’t healing, so I took the earring out and now that the hole has healed got it pierced in the right spot) and going to Sephora. I kept track on my phone, and with the game tied in the 6th inning I was beginning to get a little nervous. I was planning on attending a tweet-up after the game and was thinking extra innings.

The Yankees seemed to wake up in the seventh inning and scored 3 runs, then 2 in the 8th. Ball game over, Yankees win. Then I get home to find out the Alex is on the D.L.!

Nunez’s first MLB hit propels Yanks’ win

~~Sunday, August 22, 2010
Yankees 10, Mariners 0~~

This game I was watching, C.C. dealing as they say, and I was keeping score and if I look at my score sheet I can tell you that he struck out 8 batters. He had 3 hits over 6 innings. Then the rain started and I went to do laundry, and so missed part of the game.

When French walked Teixeira, I remember thinking that wasn’t a very bright thing to do, I mean Alex is on the D.L., but Robbie can hit home runs. That is exactly what he did. So today was another multiple home run game for the Yankees. The right teams getting the home runs this time.

Yesterday Branyan hit the ball in the fourth deck, the first player to have done that. Today he was facing Big Stoppa: 2 strike outs, a single and a ground out.

Cano’s six RBIs lead support for CC in rout

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛