Saturday, August 14, 2010 ~ Boom, Boom, Boom and splash

~~Yankees 8, Royals 3~~

Third game of a four game series and it started with the Royals scoring a run in the first inning, then Phil shut them down through the 5th inning. Then in bottom of the 6th Alex hit a home run, Cano flied out to center field, with two outs Jorge comes up to bat, hit the ball 421 feet into the seats, then Granderson hits the ball 382 feet into the seats. After the game he said, “Yeah, I aimed the ball toward the closer wall.” (That might not be an exact quote.) 3 home runs in one inning brought the score to Yankees 4, Royals 3.

Someone tweeted, “4-3! That’s the KC game score, the score won’t change!” Alex however, wasn’t done hitting home runs, he hit two more driving in Mark with each home run. The last home run landed in one of the fountains. He hit right after I asked (myself, no one else was in the room) How many home runs can he get in a game?

Besides scoring 2 runs, Mark was responsible for 7 outs. A couple were just amazing. He is definitely worthy of his golden glove.

3 ‘sparkling’ plays by Teixeira

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