Wednesday, August 11, 2010 ~ Yes the Yankees DO Like to Come From Behind

~~Yankees 7, Rangers 6~~

Wednesday night is church, I don’t miss for baseball games. I do take my phone however 😉 Which is how I knew the Rangers scored a run in the first inning. When I got home the score was 3-1 Rangers and I decided not to turn on the T.V. I had a bad fan moment and said, “The Yankees can lose without me.” 😦

While doing other stuff online, which I can’t remember now what I was doing, I had Gameday on, the score crept up to 6-1. Javier was disappointing me and a lot of people. I tried to stay calm, not watching the game helped, I least I wasn’t seeing the melt-down.

Then slowly the Yankees began to gain ground, Sergio Mitre pitched to end of the 6th without giving up a run, 6-2. Kerry Wood pitched 2 shutout innings and the score was now Rangers 6, Yankees 5, thanks in part to a home run by Marcus Thames, who was batting in Mark Teixeira’s spot.

The T.V. was turned on for the 9th inning, Marcus Thames brought run #7 across the plate. Then Mo came in for the save, and the first hit by Elvis Andrus was a triple. So now the tying run was on third. Please forgive me Mo. I was preparing myself for extra innings, I might have even said some things to my T.V. I should not have doubted Mo, give up a save two days in a row? Even non-Yankee fans don’t believe that’s possible.

So after the triple, there was a fly ball to right field and Austin Kearns made a “shoe-string” catch (no idea what that means), next batter bounced the ball to Mo. And he did his lazy look to third base, throw to Swisher at first …. (O.K., top of the ninth, Granderson ran for Berkman, so bottom of the ninth, Granderson was put in center field, Gardner was moved to left field, Kearns was moved to right field, the only place left for Swish was first base) 2nd out. Then the next batter grounded out to 3rd base.

Sometimes I think Mo likes to toy with people. Time: 3:45, Attendance: 48,676. Compiled by MLB Advanced Media

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote



Tuesday, August 10, 2010 ~ Yankees vs. Rangers and the walk off win . . .

~~Rangers 4, Yankees 3~~

Goes to the Rangers, both teams played well. Yankees were missing Mark and Robbie. Mark because of the birth of his child and Robbie had a cold and a fever, but he did come in to pinch hit. It didn’t really help. Our pitchers did pretty good A.J., Boone and David, Mo came in for 10th inning to keep the score tied, but he didn’t really do his job. I’m blaming it on the Texas heat.

Remember I told you about my friend’s friend who was keeping score at the game? Well I did it tonight. I missed some of the game because I had to run an errand. But I think I will keep doing it. It is kind of fun, and when I am typing my blog posts, I can just look down someone’s name to see what they did. I would scan the page so you can see what I am doing, but it is kind of messy an my scanner’s not working. That’s why I didn’t include an image of my ticket from yesterday’s game.

Now to the idiots who commented on the article on, Teixeira will miss time for birth of child, I really shouldn’t respond but I just feel a need to vent, one woman said, “Mrs. Teixeira should have planed things better”, Oh really? To that statement I give you these responses from Twitter: “@alisonfaye oh yeah, no doubt @blair33185 I’m sorry but if my husband just won the world series, yeah, we would be having a WS baby”

and to the man that posted “..if the baby and wife are healthy…and the novelty of a first child isn’t a factor…why does he need several days off?”, oh maybe because his wife just had his baby and she needs his support, after carrying his child for nine months she deserves his undivided attention for at least a few days. You sir, are a jerk. I’m glad I’m not having your child.

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote