Saturday, August 7, 2010 ~ A win and a trip to the Minors

~~Yankees 5, Red Sox 2~~

A much better game today, for Yankee fans that is. C.C. pitched 8 innings and Mo came in for the 9th inning. Today the Red Sox were playing like clowns, evidence of that was Jorge stole 2nd base. In all Yankees stole 3 bases off the Red Sox. We were watching it at home but had to leave since we had tickets to a Hudson Valley Renegades game. The local minor league team. I missed the only home run cause I was in the bathroom. I also kept forgetting which team I was supposed to be rooting for. Minor league baseball is fun, the stadium is small, foul balls were flying out of the stadium. A young boy caught a foul ball in front of us, he was walking down the walkway, wearing his glove and just snagged it. Minor league baseball games have ‘entertainment’ between innings, races and things. This night was fireworks night. I took a video with my cell phone. It actually is pretty neat.

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote

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