Monday, August 9, 2010 ~ Split Series

~~Red Sox 2, Yankees 1~~

My co-worker wasn’t able to make the game today, after he couldn’t sell the tickets on E-Bay, he offered them to my boss, who suggested he offer them to me. After a quick check with Kasey and her husband, the answer was yes. Kasey, her husband, his friend and myself were then on our way to the Bronx, to attend our first Boston vs. NYY game.

There were some Red Sox fans on the train, Kasey said she thought they should have their own car. She gets a little radical at times. After the game started, I looked over at Kasey’s husband’s friend, he was listening to the game on radio, and he was keeping score. I looked at Kasey, she said “Oh yeah, he’s a serious Yankee fan.” Now that I watched him do it, I think I know how now. I’m going to try it now.

Phil Hughes was pitching, he had a rough 2nd inning, lot of pitches and 2 runs scored. That was all for the game, unfortunately, the Yankees only scored 1 run, in the 8th off a home run by Mark. So Yankees didn’t win the series 😦 . Just a split, but at least Red Sox haven’t advanced any toward us and Tampa Bay lost 5 in a row putting them 1.5 behind the Yankees. I told Kasey, I was upset about this loss, but at least it wasn’t a no-hitter or shutout.

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote