Some personal thoughts

I had some personal things to add about yesterday, and in general.

One is I didn’t tell Kasey I was going to the game. When I sent her a text, about the second inning, she responded with how much do I hate you, let me count the ways. I am completely forgiven now, since I got tickets for Monday’s game against the Red Sox (ORTNE).

It was beyond exciting to be at the game yesterday, and with the Twins victory over Tampa Bay, New York is now once again in sole possession of first place.

My friend P_, the Mets fan, gets really nasty when he drinks. Either that or he is just bitter because he is a Mets fan.

Mariano continues to amaze me.

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote

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  1. P_ merely suffers from the same paranoid delusions as other Mets fans. Tell him not to mix alcohol with the Mets (or any other psychedelics).

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