Monday, August 2, 2010 ~ Another sad anniversary

~~Blue Jays 8, Yankees 6~~

Today is the anniversary of the death of Thurman Munson. I didn’t know him. What I mean by that is I have no memories of him from when he was alive, like I have memories of other famous people. Back then, I barely knew who the Yankees were. I knew they had a pitcher named Catfish Hunter and not much else.

What I know I learned from watching Yankeeography and Yankees Classics. From reading articles and blogs. I do remember that last year, Jorge had the #15 on his mask on August 2. I watched game 5 of the 1976 ALCS, and Thurman Munson got hit in the throat with a foul ball, he didn’t leave the game. He would have played even if he had a broken foot. The game was that important. Click the link below for a very moving blog post about him.

As for todays game, there is not much to say, the only inning I watched was the 5th inning. Oh A.J., you know I love you, but I don’t know what to say.

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote

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