Sunday, July 25, 2010 ~ Rain Delay can be good, or not

~~Yankees 12, Royals 6~~

I had someplace I had to be today so I thought I would miss the game, especially since I was someplace where I had to turn my phone off. When I got home the Yankee game was on a rain delay, it lasted 2 hours and 32 minutes. I got to watch the last 3-⅔’s innings.

Hughes pitched 5-⅓ innings and gave up 3 runs, then the rain started. I saw on T.V. it was raining buckets. When the game restarted Boone Logan came in with the score at 5-3 Yankees. Then Joba came in walked a batter then gave up a home run. Fortunately by that time the Yankees had scored two more runs, then in the bottom of the 8th Yankees scored 5 runs.

The last run for K.C. was ruled a catching error on Jorge, which he and Girardi argued, to no avail. Granderson hit two home runs, Alex didn’t, not only that he was hit by a pitch on his last at bat. The crowd was very upset, after sitting through the game, a rain delay, they were looking at possible 600th home run and a grand slam. Tomorrow’s game is in Cleveland. The wait for #600 continues. Time: 3:13 (2:32 delay). Attendance: 47,890.

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote