A shout-out, A new list, and my thoughts on morons

On a previous post I mentioned a nice Tweep offering to keep me updated, I didn’t mention his name because I wanted his permission first, then his Blackberry punked out, or his Twitter for Blackberry did, but anyway, I said I would mention him and then I forgot. Anyway, Mike Tursi is on Twitter and if you are too, follow him!

On the far right of this blog I added a list of Player websites. You may notice that I have two non-Yankee players on there, that’s because their websites are for kids. I’m a sucker for kids charities.

The articles on MLB are good, I like reading them, however, I shouldn’t read the comments. If I didn’t read the comments, then I wouldn’t be able to write about idiots though. The article I was reading was “Jeter belts inside-the-park homer vs. Royals”. Nice play by Jeter, then the stupid comments start,

“general_peabo wrote:
I’m sorry, but this “home-run” really isn’t impressive, and certainly not worth an article that makes it seems like he just outran the fielding. The ball was all but caught, and DeJesus smashed his hand up pretty bad. There was a signifcant delay from the ball leaving his glove to the right fielder picking it up and throwing it in. I’m really disappointed in Jeter for his celebration at home plate when he had to know DeJesus was hurt, it says he saw him on the ground. Hopefully he’ll show some class and make sure David is okay before tonight’s game.”

Celebration at home plate? He slid in, got up clapped his hand together and went into the dugout, and he wasn’t looking at the player when he was running around the bases. The article says DeJesus fell to the ground in pain, it doesn’t say Jeter saw him on the ground. What? Was he supposed to stop and make sure the fielder didn’t have a boo-boo before he tagged up? Show some class? Make sure David is okay? Talking about Jeter here, the classiest Yankee and he hurt his thumb.

“somedamnkid wrote:
Well for starters this isn’t even that rare, it’s like the 10th inside the park homer this season. Plus Jeter should have been out – DeJesus actually caught the ball then dropt it cause he effed up his wrist. DeJesus > Jeter”

Oh please, if the player can’t hold on to the ball, for whatever reason, it’s not an out.

“karoozn wrote:
hey now children, give jeter a break. it’s been a long time since he’s had a inside the parker. last one was off of a Royal centerfielder that was injured on the play also. hmm… there’s a patern here. be realistic, jeter couldn’t do that again unless an outfielder GOT hurt. a healthy jeter could never run THAT fast, after all he has that wallet to lug around the bases.”

Excuse me? Jeter always runs fast, he gives it his all, he not Gardner, but he’s no slouch.

“KCFanDwindling wrote:
Reading these posts and the harsh words from Yankees fans just confirms how poor sportsmanship they really are. Just be happy you win and zip it. Even if its all about the money. Ever been to KC? There are the real fans of baseball. Still go knowing its an unfair world. And yes, NO WAY that is a home run if the injury were not involved. So take it for what its worth.”

Hey, Mr. KCFanDwindling, you’re on Yankees.com, and the KC fans started it. Go back to your own site and stop whining.

The Royals player took it in stride, “Coming down, I thought I still had it, and next you know, it rolled out. I thought it was my wrist at first, and then as I looked at my hand, I saw my thumb growing and I was like, ‘Oh, no.’ It’s one of those things. That’s the way I play, aggressive trying to make a play for Bruce [Chen]. It’s one of those things where if it happens, it happens.”

The bottom line is, its baseball and sometimes people get hurt. They’re all big boys. Unfortunately DeJesus has a serious injury and will be out 10 weeks. He has to have surgery on his thumb.

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote