7/22 NY Yankees 10 vs Kansas City Royals 4 ~ The march to 600 continues

Alex Rodriguez is now one home run closer to 600. I was getting my nails done so I had missed most of the game. I came home to a score of 5-4 Yankees. So I got to see the home run by Alex, I never knew he loved me, but he must cause he waited for me to get home to hit his home run. I missed the inside the park home run by Derek, Jorge’s ‘phantom tag’ and Gardner’s amazing throws from left field (Johnny Damon couldn’t do that :p). Sado did make some pretty bad throws, Joba came in for the 8th inning, he loaded up the bases, then got out without any runs. And it was a 4 out inning. Posada made a good throw this time to Alex, and the runner was tagged, but the umpire called him safe. This doesn’t mean I like Joba now, but he did his job, and I’ll take it. Time of the game: 3:22. Attendance: 47,484.


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