7/21 NY Yankees 10 vs LA Angels 6 ~ A wild ride and a melt down

Day game today and I was busy so I couldn’t sneak away to watch it like I did on a previous day game. I was moaning about this on Twitter and a nice tweep offered to keep me updated if I didn’t have access to a radio or the internet. Such nice people on Twitter (maybe because I block all the meanies?). I had my phone and my charger so I was good to go. And the game started out great. Jeter getting on base, Teixeria getting him in, Swisher doing his part. End of the 4th inning Yankees had 6 runs. Included in that total was a two run home run by Robinson Cano. Once the Angels pitcher was aware he started walking Cano. Pussy.

Then it fell apart, or Javy fell apart (however you want to look at it), giving up 5 runs in the next two innings. We had 6 runs though, would it be enough?

If Yankees had stuck to the 6 runs, who knows, but in the 7th inning Juan Miranda hit a home run, then Gardner got tossed, {I hope Yankees never have to play with this umpire crew again, GRRR} Colin Curtis comes in and hits a home run, 10-5.

Then Joba replaced Boone in the 7th inning, gave up a run in the 8th, all the time I was praying, {Do not fuck this up Joba} and that was all the damage he did, which was nothing, since we were 5 runs ahead. Mo came in, 1,2,3. Game over, Yankees win. Time of game: 3:07; Attendance: 47,521

Now on to something else that happened to me. On Twitter there are a lot of Yankee fans, I kind of searched them out, and this is my Yankee blog where I can ramble on and on, but on another site I frequent, I sometimes feel like I’m the only Yankee fan there. Today I felt like I was being ganged up on by the self-admitted Yankee haters. Not just the Yankees but the A.L. and the D.H. rule and I got a little snarky, ‘Yeah the N.L. is better, look how many more World Series they’ve won, wait …. ‘. Then he replied how in the last decade the Yankees have lost 2 World Series to N.L. teams, I called him a jerk, of course the Yankees lost to N.L. teams, the World Series is played between A.L. and N.L., and I also mentioned that when N.L. teams come to the A.L., they bring a D.H. His reply was it’s all fun bantering! No its not fun when one you ends up crying. Not that I will tell him that. But I don’t know if I was crying because of what he said or crying because I let what he said get to me.

Someone should tell Javy he’s not the only one with a melt down today.

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote

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