7/18 NY Yankees 9 vs TB Rays 5 ~ Andy Pettitte on the D.L.?

Another game where the starting pitcher got pulled early due to injury. Today it was Andy Pettitte with a pulled left groin muscle in the 3rd inning. David Robertson, Chan Ho Park, Boone Logan, Joba Chamberlain and Mariano Rivera all came in to pitch, most for a little over an inning. D-Rob finished up the inning Andy started and the next inning with no runs. Mariano came in to get the last guy out and pitched one pitch. The commenters were wondering it that was the only one pitch save ever. It wasn’t really a save, since the NY Yankees were ahead by 4 runs, but I think Girardi just wanted the game over, so when Joba gave up a run, he called Mo in.

A.J. says he will make his next start, it is possible Andy may be out for a while. He was diagnosed with a Grade 1 strain, Curtis had a Grade 2 and was out for a month. He is also a whole lot younger then Andy. Now some people are saying with A.J. and Andy the Cliff Lee deal doesn’t look so crazy huh? OK, I may be wrong about this, but it the Yankees had gotten Cliff Lee in a trade they would have had to get rid of a pitcher, so even if they got Cliff Lee, right now they would still be down a pitcher. I don’t anticipate the next few week to be easy without Andy, but I would rather they give him the time now so he is healthy for the play offs.

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