7/16 NY Yankees 5 vs TB Rays 4 ~ On the first day back, pie

Tonight was the first game for the Yankees after the All-Star game and George Steinbrenner’s death. I will admit I rushed home from work so I wouldn’t miss the pre-game and the tribute to Steinbrenner and Bob Sheppard on TV. I not usually this sappy, but when Mo walked up to home plate with two roses, I felt a little catch in my throat. Seeing how much the players cared about and for him was moving.

It was an exciting game too, with Tampa Bay taking the lead early, then back to back homers by Cano and Posada tying the game, another run by Tampa Bay, another home run, this time by Nick Swisher to again tie the game, then in the 9th inning, he got Granderson in for the winning run. Curtis slid across the plate to beat out the throw, Mark was there to congratulate him. A.J. was there with pie for Nick, big show off that he is he loved it.

To make the night even better, Texas beat Boston 8-4.

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote