7/11 NY Yankees 8 @ Seattle Mariners 2 ~ Home Run Derby, All-Star, Then Home

The Yankees jumped out early scoring all 8 runs by the 6th inning. So the Mariners may have King Felix, but they don’t have much else. CC Sabathia was the starting pitcher, then Gaudin in the 8th and Moseley in the 9th. CC gave up a run in the 6th and Moseley in the 9th. Marcus Thames hit a 2 run home run in the 5th inning. He was DH which is a relief since he’s not the best fielder.

Another series win by the Yankees.

Just finished watching the Home Run Derby, I only watched it because Nick Swisher was competing. As soon as he was eliminated I turned the channel. It was rather boring I thought.

Tomorrow is the All-Star Game. Winner determines home field advantage in the World Series. The American League has won the last 12 years and are looking for #13. I plan on watching, stay tuned.

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