7/10 NY Yankees 1 @ Seattle Mariners 4 ~ Boo Hiss

Yes I know I said I never boo, especially my own players. I was so freakin’ mad last night (this morning) when Joba loaded up the bases and the next batter hit a home run. I still am a little steamed , but not totally pissed off. After all, we did win the first 2 games, and Javier pitched outstandingly, I mean outstandingly. He gave up no runs, of course part of the credit goes to Ramiro Pena who made a simply amazing catch, one of those hits that pops over the infields head and drops in front of the outfield. He jumped and caught it. Just like that.

The one run was a home run hit by my sweet Nicky, right past Ichiro and to the disgust of King Felix. (Gag, who comes up with these names? Cause he can pitch a complete game? He should stop strutting and waving his shirt around and shake Joba’s hand for losing the game.) Remember all you disgusted fans out there, Yankees are in first place, Mariners are in last place in their division.

7/8 NY Yankees 3 @ Seattle Mariners 1 Wrap

7/9 NY Yankees 6 @ Seattle Mariners 1
Mark Teixeira hit two home runs, one in the first inning, and one in the ninth inning. He hit from both sides of the plate. Kind of sneaky of him don’t you think?

Hughes was the starting pitcher, he is now 11-2. He pitched 7 innings, gave up one run and his ERA is now 3.65. David Robertson pitched the 8th and Chan Ho Park pitched the ninth, no runs.

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