7/6 NY Yankees 6 @ Oakland Athletics 1 ~ Alex is marching on

For the second night in a row, the Oakland A’s scored 1 run. Not enough. 5 of the runs tonight were courtesy of Alex’s big bat. One grand slam and one single home run. The inning where the first 5 runs were scored, the A’s pitcher loaded up the bases twice. Yankees scored each time. First with one, then the second time Alex hit a grand slam. Then in the 6th inning Alex hit another home run. CC pitched 7 solid innings, giving up just the one run. Then D-Rob came in and kept the lead and the win for CC, his 7th straight and he is 11-3 for the season.

These two home runs put Alex at 597, 14 for the season, 67 RBI and his 21st Grand Slam. The only player with more is Lou Gehrig.

Nick Swisher has fallen behind Poukilis in the voting for the All-Star game. So we need to keep voting, and you can vote as many times as you want.