7/5 NY Yankees 3 @ Oakland Athletics 1 ~ Good Start, good Mark

Good start to the beginning of the series considering how the Yankees don’t normally do well their first game of a West coast road trip. They scored early, Javy pitched great with great offensive support, 7IP, 3H, 1R. 2 great catches by the two Curtis, diving catching. So a big raspberry to the jerks that say Curtis does not play like a Yankee, I would like to see Johnny Damon make a running diving catch like he did. Then Mark hit a home run in the sixth inning.

Boston lost to Tampa Bay, so now Tampa Bay is in 2nd place, 2 games behind us, Boston is 2.5 games behind us.

I know I was making a big deal about Mark Teixeira being an All-Star, well he’s not going and I am not really upset about it. He has been twice and he is not exactly at the end of his career, so he will have a choice to go again. Besides, this way he can spend some time with his pregnant wife and his kids.

One last thing, vote for Swish to go to the All-Star game, this time I have people agreeing with me! Click on his picture!