7/4 NY Yankees 7 vs Toronto Blue Jays 6 ~ Pie? Yes pie time.

I can’t think of what to say, this is what happens when I delay my posting. The reason I didn’t blog right away was I was moving my posts from MLB.com to here. I had to do it one post at a time since I couldn’t figure how to transfer the posts. Means I lost the comments, but then there weren’t that many anyway. I sometimes feel like I’m blogging to myself.

This was one of those tight close games that kept you on the edge of your seat. The announcers kept talking about the sun, how the sun was giving Toronto trouble. I am not sure, but I think they have sun in Toronto, I mean, I don’t think customs keeps it out.

Ninth inning we were up by 1 run, Mo comes in, and gives up a run. He was rather upset with himself. So, on to extra innings. D-Rob comes in with a clean inning, then with Cano on 2nd and two outs, Pena coming up to bat, I was concerned, then I saw Marcus Thames coming out of the dug out. I was relieved, I don’t like seeing him in left field, actually in any field, but at bat …. I don’t worry. Walk off win for the Yankees.

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote