7/3 NY Yankees 11 vs Toronto Blue Jays 3

TattooI had an appointment to get a tattoo. I made the appointment a while ago, so you can’t say I did it because of the loss the night before, but I was a little down.

Now you see why I say, sometimes I think I shouldn’t watch the game. After losing their first game to Toronto by 5 runs, I check my phone after my appointment to see, 11 runs. 11 runs!

The biggest surprise for me, and I am sure for a lot of people, especially the person who blogged that Brett Gardner was the worst hitter in the Yankee line up, he hit a grand slam. I remember after his first home run, he said, that’s my one for the year, I’m not a home run hitter. To that I say, BWAAAAAAA.

In case you missed it, this game, in the Bronx. Total bluebird carnage.

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote