7/2 NY Yankees 1 vs Toronto Blue Jay 6 ~ A.J. is back, where are the bats?

7/1 vs SEA, W 4-2

I told my boss I had something to do at 1:00 p.m. My plan was to sneak out and go to the local pub in Long Island City, my boss thought I meant I was going to the game. So I left work early and went to Tribeca to the Reade St. Pub and Kitchen (I heard about it on Twitter) to watch the game. I got lost (of course) and was late so I missed the first run. The second run, Alex hit into a double play. Then Robinson Cano hit a home run.

Late in the game the Mariners tied 2-2. I was wondering how I was going to manage to stay there if the game went into extra innings. Top of the eighth, Mark got on base, then Alex hit a home run. He later said he was looking at the dugout, wondering why the guys were jumping out. He thought it was the 9th inning. I think he just wanted pie. Then Mo came out, pitched a perfect 9th inning and Yankees won. But no walk off.

Today the tied game did not come our way. A.J. pitched amazingly, and Dave Eiland(who said he would go out every inning if he had to) only had to go out once. He left the mound to a standing ovation, kind of amazing considering fans were booing Javy this year for a blown game in 2004. And then Joba blew it, gave up a run, walked etc. I didn’t see it, pieced this together from bits I heard and read. So we are still in first place, but tonight Boston plays Baltimore. I am not hopeful.

And 1 run, and that on a sacrifice fly is discouraging when we have Swisher, A-Rod, Cano, Posada and Granderson all in the line-up.

NY Yankees ~ 48-31 ~ .608 ~

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote