More on the trade

This from the MLB website:

Now that the non-waiver Trade Deadline has passed, deals involving players on a 40-man roster cannot be made unless the players have already cleared waivers.

In other words, a player must be offered to the other teams in reverse order of the standings, and if he is claimed by one of the teams, he cannot be traded. The club that placed the player on waivers can either withdraw the request and keep the player or let the player go to the claiming team, which would then have the rights to the player.

I still don’t understand exactly what this means, mainly because I don’t understand what being placed on waivers means, I don’t know how the teams decide which player is offered for trade etc etc.

However, I did learn that DFA means “designated for assignment” but I don’t really know what that means.

Here are the trades the Yankees made:

Yankees acquire Berkman from Astros
Kearns heads to Yankees to boost bench
Yanks land Wood to help bridge gap to Mo

Right now the Yankees are playing the Rays and are tied at 4 runs. Berkman is playing at D.H., so far he is 0-4, I am cutting him some slack, after all he just came in and its his first game as a Yankee.

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Friday, July 30, 2010 ~ Just one little mistake

~~Rays 3, Yankees 2~~

The game started out good, Jeter got on base and then Nick hit a home run off of Wade Davis, so the Yankees were starting off good, 2-0 lead. And they held the lead until ….

The sixth inning when Phil threw a fast ball over the plate and Matt Joyce hit a home run, except his was a 3 run home run. So equal hits for each team, just one more run for the Rays. Time: 2:38. Attendance: 36,973.

In other news the trade deadline is July 31, 2010. I don’t know much about this, just that the Yankees have two new players, Lance Berkman from the Houston Astros to be the D.H. and Austin Kearns from the Cleveland Indians. Kearns is the player I kept yelling at and calling a bum while the Yankees were playing the Indians. He just seemed to keep catching the ball. Now he is going to be catching the ball for the Yankees. Berkman says he is nervous about leaving Houston and coming to NY, but I think he will do fine. His old team mate Andy is here and everyone says the Yankee Clubhouse is very welcoming.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010 ~ Seven for Seven

~~Yankees 11, Indians 4~~

No not 7&7, I’m not drinking, 7 for 7, as in the Yankees scored 7 runs in the 7th inning. It started with a home run by Robbie, and with 2 outs. That seemed to wake things up and the Yankees went on to score 7 runs in the inning.

In total, the Indians walked Yankees batters 12 times and used 7 pitchers, the last one a position player not a pitcher, and he pitched a scoreless inning. He even struck out Swisher. Yea, my sweet Nicky whiffed. He got some teasing about it. Alex didn’t get #600, but he did get 3 RBI, bringing his total to 85. Gardner got his 29th stolen base of the season.

Dustin Moseley started the game, he had a rocky 1st inning throwing 31 pitches and giving up a run. If I remember correctly, it from the bases being loaded, a couple walks, so 1 run was actually not bad. In all he pitched 6 innings and that was the only run he gave up. Dave pitched a no hit 7th inning. After the Yankees had scored 7 bring the score to 9-1. Then 2 more runs in the 8th brought the total to 11-1.

Chan Ho Park pitched the 8th inning, he cannot pitch 2 inning in the same game, in the 9th inning he walked 3 batters, and they scored 3 runs. Marcus Thames cannot play 3rd base. Fortunately the Yankees were 10 runs ahead.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010 ~ Gentlemen, start your engines

~~Yankees 8, Indians 0~~

After two lackluster games, the big bats woke up, the game started with a bang and they hit the ground running. How do you like that? Yes I know, that was kind of corny. But that is exactly what happened. 1 run in the first inning, 3 in the 2nd and 3rd innings and 1 in the 4th inning. That was all, it was enough as A.J., Joba and Alfredo held the Indians scoreless. Personally, Joba got lucky, lucky Swisher was there to catch those two high fly balls.

Alex did not get his 600, I hope he does so they stop talking about it, so they stop with the stupid marked balls, etc. etc. I always maintain that the pink bats for mother’s day mess with the swings, I feel these marked balls are messing with Alex’s head. Just a thought.

Mark started things off in the first inning, then Alex brought him home, then in the second Mark brought in two runs. As it turned out, every player in the starting lineup except Jeter got a hit. Not to say Jeter didn’t do anything, he signaled to Cervelli which side of the plate to slide to, or was it Granderson? Brett Gardner got his 28th stolen base, and Cervelli threw out Crowe stealing second.

Robinson Cano got a home run, which was the last run the Yankees got.

On a personal note, I surprised myself with how much I remember about the players, not from reading everything, but just from paying attention to the games. I am now studying the boxscore to see if I can figure out how they count runs and runs batted in.

So a good day, a shut-out ball game, A.J. gets the win, pitched 6.1 innings, gave up 7 hits, walked 3 and struck out 7; Yankees are one win closer to winning the series and I got to see Andy Pettitte on Centerstage. Time: 3:20 (:42 delay). Attendance: 22,965. Compiled by MLB Advanced Media

Must C: Comical

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010 ~ What’s with these rookies?

~~Indians 4, Yankees 1~~

Not a good game, and the pitcher was making his MLB debut. It appears the Yankees don’t like to hit rookies. I mean, they don’t have to actually hit him, just the balls he throws. But they didn’t. Well they did 5 times, but they only scored one run and made 2 errors. The umpires made some too. But it seems they always do.

Confessions of a She-Fan

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Monday, July 26, 2010 ~ Swisher♡, Granderson☺, No Alex :(

~~Yankees 3, Indians 2~~

There were two home runs hit during this game, but none by Alex. Nick Swisher hit one in the 4th inning, then Curtis Granderson hit a 2 run home run in the 8th inning, which scored the winning run. Posada was on first and the commenters were talking about Posada’s speed, or lack there of and wondered why Girardi wasn’t putting in a pinch runner, then Curtis hit the home run. Well, no need for speed there!

So the Yankees win, but once again, very little run support for Javy.

Javy Should Sue for Run Support

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Sunday, July 25, 2010 ~ Rain Delay can be good, or not

~~Yankees 12, Royals 6~~

I had someplace I had to be today so I thought I would miss the game, especially since I was someplace where I had to turn my phone off. When I got home the Yankee game was on a rain delay, it lasted 2 hours and 32 minutes. I got to watch the last 3-⅔’s innings.

Hughes pitched 5-⅓ innings and gave up 3 runs, then the rain started. I saw on T.V. it was raining buckets. When the game restarted Boone Logan came in with the score at 5-3 Yankees. Then Joba came in walked a batter then gave up a home run. Fortunately by that time the Yankees had scored two more runs, then in the bottom of the 8th Yankees scored 5 runs.

The last run for K.C. was ruled a catching error on Jorge, which he and Girardi argued, to no avail. Granderson hit two home runs, Alex didn’t, not only that he was hit by a pitch on his last at bat. The crowd was very upset, after sitting through the game, a rain delay, they were looking at possible 600th home run and a grand slam. Tomorrow’s game is in Cleveland. The wait for #600 continues. Time: 3:13 (2:32 delay). Attendance: 47,890.

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Saturday, July 24, 2010 ~ Too Hot for Baseball

~~Royals 7, Yankees 4~~

According to the NY Times, the temperature in Central Park got up to 97°F (33°C), with the humidity factored in, the heat index was 102°F (39°C). According to the thermometer at the stadium, it was even hotter there. What that means is, it was effin hot in the city today, to hot to be playing baseball. But of course they did, and it seems the boys from K.C. handle the heat better.

Didn’t help that Sergio Mitre gave up 7 runs in 4 innings, oh I’m sorry 2 of those were errors. They don’t really count. And the Royals would have still won without those two runs. “I’m playing into their game instead of being up in the count,” Mitre said of falling behind with ball one. “You can’t really do much.” I believe that is MLB speak for, “I really sucked out there today.” I don’t handle the heat well. It is just the heat. Dustin Moseley came in to pitch from the 5th inning on, 1 hit, 0 runs.

Nick was still out with pain in his Achilles tendon although he did pinch hit, and Brett was out with “acid reflux”, Girardi said he had a test at the hospital under anesthesia, from the description, I’m thinking he had an endoscopy. Not fun. Both expect to be playing Sunday. We’ll see.

Mark and Jorge both hit home runs, both in the 4th inning, then Mark in the 5th inning with Granderson on base. The last out of the game, Mark was called out running to first, it would have loaded up the bases for Alex, except he wasn’t out. I guess after the last two times they argued and were immediately thrown out, Mark didn’t want to risk it. They have won the first two games of this series and if they win tomorrow they win the series. If not its a split and then its on to Cleveland. Time: 2:53. Attendance: 48,138. Compiled by MLB Advanced Media

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7/23 NY Yankees 7 vs Kansas City Royals 1 ~ Rain Rain Go Away

A.J. pitched 5 scoreless innings, then the rain starts. 1:25 rain delay, when the game starts up again Chad Gaudin pitches 3 innings, gives up 1 run, then Albaladejo pitches the 9th. Nick Swisher was out with pain in his Achilles tendon, but said if needed he could pinch hit, probably not run thought. Mark Teixeira had a 3-6 double play, that was kind of exciting. Sado had his 1,000 RBI. Alex is still at 599. Time: 2:33 (1:25 delay). Attendance: 46,801.

Box score
2B: Gardner (7, Bannister, B), Cano (25, Bannister, B), Posada (15, Bannister, B).
TB: Gardner 3; Rodriguez, A 2; Cano 3; Posada 3; Granderson; Curtis 2.
RBI: Cano 3 (66), Posada 2 (37), Gardner 2 (33).
2-out RBI: Gardner 2.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Cervelli 2; Granderson; Jeter 2; Rodriguez, A.
S: Cervelli.
GIDP: Jeter.
Team RISP: 4-for-18.
Team LOB: 9.

PO: Cano (1st base by Bannister, B).

DP: 3 (Cano-Jeter-Teixeira, Teixeira-Jeter, Jeter-Teixeira).
Compiled by MLB Advanced Media

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A shout-out, A new list, and my thoughts on morons

On a previous post I mentioned a nice Tweep offering to keep me updated, I didn’t mention his name because I wanted his permission first, then his Blackberry punked out, or his Twitter for Blackberry did, but anyway, I said I would mention him and then I forgot. Anyway, Mike Tursi is on Twitter and if you are too, follow him!

On the far right of this blog I added a list of Player websites. You may notice that I have two non-Yankee players on there, that’s because their websites are for kids. I’m a sucker for kids charities.

The articles on MLB are good, I like reading them, however, I shouldn’t read the comments. If I didn’t read the comments, then I wouldn’t be able to write about idiots though. The article I was reading was “Jeter belts inside-the-park homer vs. Royals”. Nice play by Jeter, then the stupid comments start,

“general_peabo wrote:
I’m sorry, but this “home-run” really isn’t impressive, and certainly not worth an article that makes it seems like he just outran the fielding. The ball was all but caught, and DeJesus smashed his hand up pretty bad. There was a signifcant delay from the ball leaving his glove to the right fielder picking it up and throwing it in. I’m really disappointed in Jeter for his celebration at home plate when he had to know DeJesus was hurt, it says he saw him on the ground. Hopefully he’ll show some class and make sure David is okay before tonight’s game.”

Celebration at home plate? He slid in, got up clapped his hand together and went into the dugout, and he wasn’t looking at the player when he was running around the bases. The article says DeJesus fell to the ground in pain, it doesn’t say Jeter saw him on the ground. What? Was he supposed to stop and make sure the fielder didn’t have a boo-boo before he tagged up? Show some class? Make sure David is okay? Talking about Jeter here, the classiest Yankee and he hurt his thumb.

“somedamnkid wrote:
Well for starters this isn’t even that rare, it’s like the 10th inside the park homer this season. Plus Jeter should have been out – DeJesus actually caught the ball then dropt it cause he effed up his wrist. DeJesus > Jeter”

Oh please, if the player can’t hold on to the ball, for whatever reason, it’s not an out.

“karoozn wrote:
hey now children, give jeter a break. it’s been a long time since he’s had a inside the parker. last one was off of a Royal centerfielder that was injured on the play also. hmm… there’s a patern here. be realistic, jeter couldn’t do that again unless an outfielder GOT hurt. a healthy jeter could never run THAT fast, after all he has that wallet to lug around the bases.”

Excuse me? Jeter always runs fast, he gives it his all, he not Gardner, but he’s no slouch.

“KCFanDwindling wrote:
Reading these posts and the harsh words from Yankees fans just confirms how poor sportsmanship they really are. Just be happy you win and zip it. Even if its all about the money. Ever been to KC? There are the real fans of baseball. Still go knowing its an unfair world. And yes, NO WAY that is a home run if the injury were not involved. So take it for what its worth.”

Hey, Mr. KCFanDwindling, you’re on, and the KC fans started it. Go back to your own site and stop whining.

The Royals player took it in stride, “Coming down, I thought I still had it, and next you know, it rolled out. I thought it was my wrist at first, and then as I looked at my hand, I saw my thumb growing and I was like, ‘Oh, no.’ It’s one of those things. That’s the way I play, aggressive trying to make a play for Bruce [Chen]. It’s one of those things where if it happens, it happens.”

The bottom line is, its baseball and sometimes people get hurt. They’re all big boys. Unfortunately DeJesus has a serious injury and will be out 10 weeks. He has to have surgery on his thumb.

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