6/29 NY Yankees 4 vs Seattle Mariners 7 ~ At least Nick loves me

Yes he does, those two home runs he hit? He hit them because I was there. Really he did, @alisonfaye said so. And after his second one, she tweeted, “If Nick Swisher hits another home run, Rebel_Prinsessa should start screaming, “That’s my Nicky!” To which I replied, “If he hits another home run I’ll get ‘My sweet nicky’ tattooed on my butt!” But he didn’t. So I won’t.

In addition, Mark Teixeira made a simply incredible play, caught a fly-ball then stepped on first base to get another out. I turned to Kasey to high five, but she wasn’t there. So I looked at the person on the other side of me and he said, ‘Yeah, that was kind of amazing.’

Robinson Cano missed a catch, it blooped(?) right over his glove. So now we know there are only two gods on the Yankee team, one is the closer and the other plays 3rd base.

More proof that Nicky loves me, he sent me this picture. What a tiny picture this turned out to be! Click on it to see it big.

O.K. he posted it on Twitter, can’t you people allow me my little delusions?

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote