6/25 NY Yankees 2 @ L.A. Dodgers 1 ~ Opening of the Series

An emotional game, with a shout out at the end, coming from Grumpy Joe Torre and Donny Baseball, but a win for the Yankees, CC pitched 8 innings, then Mo comes in and strikes out, one, two, three, game over. With that the last batter tossed his bat and helmet down, which the umpire didn’t like.

Alex hit another home run and I have updated my counter. He also scored the other run of the game. Since I am tired and can’t think of anything to say, I am just going to post the standings for now and hopefully my brain will back in gear tomorrow.

New York           46- 27           .630           –
Boston                 44- 30           .595         2.5
Tampa Bay         43- 30           .589         3.0
Toronto               39- 35           .527         7.5
Baltimore            21- 52           .288       25.0

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote