6/18 NY Yankees 0 vs NY Mets 4 ~ My Heart ♡ Bleeds

for Javier Vazquez more so then for Andy Pettitte. Andy Pettitte pitched last night against the Philadelphia Phillies, score was 1-7. Which is a bigger loss you could argue, but Andy didn’t start the season to boos. Andy’s record is 8-2, and has an E.R.A. of 2.47 while Javy is at 6-5 with an E.R.A. of 5.43, on April 25th (if I’m reading the website correctly) his E.R.A. was 9.00. He has worked hard to bring it down, tonight he goes out and pitches his heart out, 7 innings and gives up 1 run. And what happens? No run support, bullpen gives up 3 runs in 2 innings and he gets the loss. If I was Javy, I would be saying F.M.L. right about now. I don’t think he would though, I think he would say, “Yeah sure, I’m disappointed, but that’s how it goes sometimes. You just put it behind you and go out the next time and try to win.”

He is a professional, when the defense makes an out he pats his glove like he’s clapping, runs to cover first base when Mark has to go to the side to catch a ground ball. And that is why, I’m not so sad at the Yankees losing tonight (still tied for first place) as much as I am sad that Javy got the loss.

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote