6/16 NY Yankees 3 vs Philadelphia Phillies 6 ~ Does A.J. have an evil twin?

I think he does. I really do, anyone who saw him pitch this game is most likely thinking that too. So instead of bad A.J. and good A.J., it A.J. and his evil twin. We just have to find out the name of this twin and figure out how to keep him off the mound.

The problem is, how do we determine if it A.J. or his twin before he starts to pitch? Identical twins have the same DNA so there goes that, sometimes they have different fingerprints (I learned that on Forensic Files). We need to fingerprint them to find out. Other then that I don’t know anyway to tell. What is weird is they have identical tattoos. That is pretty creepy.

If anyone has any suggestions, let me hear them.

Game #65; 41-24; .631; Tampa Bay lost so Yankees are still tied for 1st place.

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