6/15 NY Yankees 8 vs Philadelphia Phillies 3 ~ The Doc Needs a Doc

Everyone said it would be a ‘classic’ pitchers duel, you know the kind of game where the batters are retired one two three, each inning and you read your book, or type on your blog or drag out your knitting, the first inning was that, then the top of the second, when the Yankees came up to bat bottom of the second, Yankees get on base and Brett Gardner hits a two run triple. Next inning, Curtis Granderson hits a home run, this just after one of the commenters stated Roy Halladay had never given up a home run to a lefty. Then in the same inning, Swisher() hits a 2 run home run, putting the Yankees up 5-0.

Fourth inning was not a good one for Sabathia, still, Phillies only got 3 runs off him, and that was it, while the Yankees went on to get 3 more, one of them a homer by Mark Teixeira on a pitch from Halladay and the final two runs batted in by Frankie off the Phillies reliever David Herndon. That was 3 homeruns against Halliday and he only lasted 6 innings. His second shortest outing. CC pitched 7 innings and got the win. Dave Robertson was in for the 8th and Chan Ho Park for the 9th.

I got the details here (the heart is my own) from Mark Feinsand’s live blog at Blogging The Bombers

Now for the personal stuff (well it wouldn’t be fan blog if I didn’t write about me). I missed my train, not a big problem since there is another won 20 minutes later, except it meant missing the first part of the game. As I was going to catch the train, I wanted a cookie, I decided a beer would have less points. (First week on WW) I got my light beer, told the vendor I didn’t need it opened, and a man standing there said something like “Gotta love a woman that carries a bottle opener.” I said to him, “Its a Yankee opener.” (Its my key ring, and are you surprised?) He said, with a grin, “Even better.”

When I got home the game was on and after I put my stuff down stairs I came up to watch, Curtis was up at bat, Halladay has never given up a homer to a lefty, the ball went into the stands. A few batters later, Swish comes up to bat, 2 run homer. I was so happy that as someone tweeted to me “Your Nicky waited for you!” Once again the heart is mine. When Mark hit the home run I came upstairs to high five Kasey. When Cervelli came up I asked if he ever hit home runs. Kasey said, he doesn’t need to, and no he didn’t.

Ninth inning, Ball game over. YANKEES.WIN.

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote