6/12 NY Yankees 9 vs Houston Astros 3 ~ Javier, Jorge and my man Derek ♥

We got to the Bronx a little after 11 a.m., I sent a text to my former boss who has season tickets and invited me for a beer before the game, his reply was he was taking the 11:26. So he wasn’t even on the train yet. Kasey and I went in (gates open at 11:00 for day games). We went to get food, there is a salad bar on field level near the Yankee food court, Kasey got a salad and I got plums. Then we said “Hello” to Chris, Usher/Security officer, he’s on Twitter and has a Yankee Blog. He gave us a big hello and a smile (he has a very nice smile). We chatted for a minute. Then we went up to our seats in section 415 to eat and wait for the parachuters (The Golden Knights). Who were simply amazing!

One section down from us was a man wearing an Astros hat holding a baby, maybe a year old. The baby was also wearing an Astros hat, and a Yankees Jersey. In the row right in front of us was a man with a little boy, not a toddler but not school age. The little boy had blond curls, he was wearing a Yankee t-shirt and a ball cap with “#2 Jeter” on it. He was soooo cute. The man right in front of us was a Javy hater, when my friend mentioned he’s been pitching pretty good lately, his response was, he’s been pitching to easier teams. That didn’t bother me as much as the way he was talking to my friend. Like she’s was an idiot. She’s not an idiot you jerk **SMACK**

Then there was a man (Astro fan) wearing a big straw cowboy hat with a mustache about a foot out from his face (It was! Really). Kasey said, “Some people work way to hard to embarrass themselves.”

My two former bosses got season tickets together, they were both there. One is retired and the other is in another office. The one who is retired originally hired me, the second one promoted me to my current position. They showed up and said hi and hugged and I introduced them to Kasey, one of them gave me a Miller Lite (which I don’t drink, and I wonder how anyone can call that swill beer), but I was polite and sipped it, and when they came down to sit behind us (cause the seats were empty) and asked me if I would like another I said, “You know I don’t drink American beer.” He just looked at me (well as many times as we’ve been out drinking and I ALWAYS order Heineken or Corona or Negra Modelo, he should know that). Then the people who had the seats showed up so they went to the Audi Club.

Which brings me to another thought, these people show up to their seats at, what the 4th or 5th inning, then were gone by the 7th inning? Who does that? Show up for a game for 2 or 3 innings? I’m serious, I looked at the seats and thought WTF? Why even bother coming?

As for the game highlights, Javier’s pitching was good, his numbers were: 7 innings pitches, 6 hits, 3 runs, 3 ER, 0 BB, 6 SO, 2 HR, 5.43 E.R.A., he got the win and is now 6-5. Dave Robertson came in for the 8th and Chad Gaudin for the 9th, both pitched scoreless innings.

Offensively Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada were HOT, Derek’s first at bat was a home run, smacked that ball right into the visitors bull pen. Then in the 3rd inning, after getting walked, he stole 2nd, then advance to 3rd on an error, as they like to say, I like to say, “See what my man did for ME!” He then scored on a hit from my other guy, Nick Swisher. The third batter after Nicky was Jorge, and I guess Houston thought it was O.K. to load the bases since Alex wasn’t in the game. He sent that ball into the right field seats. In the 6th inning Derek hit another home run, this time it was a 3 run. So of the 9 runs scored, Jorge and Derek were responsible for 8 of them. See what I mean by HOT?

Click the link for some video highlights. Video clips on mlb.com

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