6/6 NY Yankees 4 @ Toronto 3 ~ Why some girls (me!) watch sports

Javier Vasquez keeps getting better every time I see him. Today he only had one hit against him. Unfortunately it was a 2 run home run in the 6th inning. Then nothing more, he kept pitching great, and the hits just kept on missing. Not only that, but I counted at least 3 balls counted as strikes. All against Yankees. In the eight inning things came to a head. Francisco Cervelli and then Brett Gardner were hit by pitches. Then Derek batted and got Cervelli in, 1-2. Then Swisher was called out on strikes. The last pitch was not a strike. Swish was angry and started to argue, Joe comes out to argue, get tossed, then they intentionally walked Teixeira. We were all waiting for the grand slam, Gardner, Jeter and Teixeira on base. It didn’t happen this time, but Gardner got in on a wild pitch. Then Alex struck out. So says the umpire. Then Robinson comes up, hits a double and brings home two of our guys. So just like that we took the lead. 

Joba comes in the eight and almost loses it for us, Damaso Marte saves the inning. Mo saves the game. After the game, Joe made a rather off hand statement that, sometimes he thinks he should get tossed in the first inning. 

When Derek was asked about his hitting a ball after game his reply was: Well I saw it wasn’t a strike, [pause] wasn’t over the plate, [looks around, grins] – Yeah the umpire was THAT bad.
When I sat down to blog this I realized I didn’t blog about Saturday’s game, a 14 inning marathon that ended 2-3. The reason for my lapse is that we were in the city on Saturday so I wasn’t watching. The game started at 1:07 p.m., when I met Kasey in front of the King Tut exhibit, she asked me what was the final score, I told her the games not over yet, its still 2-2. Also, because we were down there I didn’t get home until late and I was sick when I got home. 
I have a couple tattoos (don’t worry, I know what I’m doing, just bear with me). The artist who did my ankle bracelet is a Yankee fan, we were talking about the Yankees and as usually happens the talk turned to Derek Jeter. He said he wondered how many women were now Yankee fans that didn’t know anything about baseball, they were just fans because of Derek Jeter. I laughed before replying that, although I certainly liked Derek Jeter, I was a fan of the Yankees before him and I understood the game. 
More recently someone asked a fellow twitterer if she like Yankees because of the hot players or did she appreciate the game. To which she replied, “Why do I have to choose?” Which is exactly my thought. 
DerekJeter.jpgI mean, I stand by my statement that Derek Jeter is the hottest thing in pinstripes (and out of them, I mean in a suit, get your mind out of the gutter), I also believe he is one of the hottest short stops in the MLB, just look at his numbers. Hitting: Career batting average: .317, Career OBP: .387, Career Slugging percentage: .458, Career Fielding Percentage: .976 very impressive. (yes, I had to look those numbers up, I don’t just know them *sigh*) What I do know that is when he scoops up the ball and throws it to Cano on 2nd that is an assist, and he has done that 5,487 times. When he catches the ball from the batter or from Robbie throwing to him while he’s on 2nd that’s a put out and he has done that 3,227 times. And a double play is when they get two outs for the price of one and he has done that 1,170 and he has this jump throw that enables him to complete a double play even if the base runner is sliding into 2nd aiming his feet at Derek’s legs. He does all this and is still the hottest thing in pinstripes, looking good enough to eat! Rawr! () *giggle* And that is why I watch the Yankees. 

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote