6/3 NY Yankees 6 vs Baltimore Orioles 3

Broom.gifYankees swept the series, and swept the Orioles out of the Bronx. Alex Rodriguez and Brett Gardner hit home runs (Alex #591). Yes I said Brett Gardner, Cano extends his hit streak to 17 games and now has the highest batting average (.373) in the MLB. Brett Gardner has his 19th steal of the season, 3rd in the league.

Next the Yankees travel to Toronto to play the Jays. See you then.

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6/2 NY Yankees 9 vs Baltimore Orioles 1 ~ Feathers all over the Bronx

Someone should tell the Yankees that it is never nice to kill songbirds. Or harass wildlife, in fact I think you can be fined for that.

In other baseball news:

Armando Galarraga (Detroit Tigers) came within an out of a perfect game, but a missed call with two outs ended the bid when Jason Donald (Cleveland Indians) was ruled safe at first base as Galarraga was ruled off the bag. It was a bad call, even the umpire said so when he saw the replay.

Legendary Ken Griffey Jr. announced he was retiring from baseball. Seattle Mariners

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6/1 NY Yankees 3 vs Baltimore Orioles 1 ~ Mark Teixeira is an All-Star

Before anyone jumps on me, this is MY BLOG and I am stating my opinion. Disagree politely, or you’ll pay. 

Some people are upset that Teixeira is in first place in the All-Star voting. They think first place belongs to Justin Morneau of the Twins. One person even said that Yankee fans should be embarrassed that Mark Teixeira is in first place. I took them off my following list. The common complaint is look at their numbers. So I did.
For this season, Mark’s numbers: OBP -> .332, SLG -> .376, AVG -> .215
For this season, JM’s numbers:    OBP -> .489, SLG -> .687, AVG -> .374
So a huge difference, I can see that. But this All-Star game is in July, can Morneau keep up the pace? History suggests no. 
Career average: MT: OBP -> .378, SLG -> .545, AVG -> .290
Career average: JM: OBP -> .350, SLG -> .501, AVG -> .280
Here’s another fact, these averages are over 7 years for both, so they are both about the same age and I would say since the numbers are very close I would say in about the same physical condition. So I would say they are both All-Star material and it depends on if you are a Twins fan or a Yankees fan that determines who too vote for. I’m a Yankee fan so I voted for Teixeira, I hope he stays in first place and I am not embarrassed or ashamed to say so.

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