5/30 NY Yankees 7 vs Cleveland Indians 3 ~ Came back to win

A.J. Burnett was not good A.J. today, he was not bad A.J. today, he was WOW A.J. today. Pitched 8 innings only giving up 3 runs. Then in the 7th inning the bats woke up, with Nick Swisher and Brett Gardner on base Derek hit a double, 2 runs scored. Then Granderson gets on base and Mark Teixeira hits a home run, 5 runs scored for the inning making the score 5-3 NYY. In the eight innning Juan Miranda got Cano in and Cervelli hit a sacrifice fly to get Nick Swisher to score. Then Mariano in for the save. Finale score NYY 7, CLE 3.

So I was just kind of watching, Indians were up 3 runs, so I wasn’t worried, the only thing I was worried about was the silly thing about them not hitting home runs when I’m watching, then I saw Tex hit a sweet shot to the crowd. Yay I’m not a jinx (not that I ever believed in them, jinxes that is). It was fun watching Swish run into home plate with Brett ‘chasing’ him. Swish slid across home plate and didn’t even have time to get up just turned and lifted his arms up in the ‘hes safe!’ gesture.

But he got hurt, hit the wall going for a long fly ball, that he missed, Curtis snagged it and threw it in, didn’t hurt us in the end, and he is saying his fine. But then he said that about his bicep earlier.

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote