5/26 NY Yankees 3 @ Minnesota Twins 2 ~ sad Bella :'(

Started with Tuesday’s game and 6 scoreless innings, then a rain delay, then a suspended game. Since they played x number of innings, which I don’t know the cut off number the game was just picked up and finished. Derek Jeter hit a home run his first at bat. It turned out to be a game winning home run. I wasn’t watching, I was on the train. 

In the second game Andy Pettitte pitched a ‘gem’ and Nick Swisher hit a home run. I was also not watching, I was at church. This is getting depressing, I might have to stop watching.
So now the Yankees are 28-18, .609 and the next game they play is on May 27 at Minnesota, 8:10P
If I seem a little subdued, its because my friend’s husband is an idiot. He was supposed to make a reservation for her and I to spend tomorrow night in the city. He made the reservation for tonight, which I didn’t realize until I looked at the e-mail tonight when I got it to put in my bag. The reason I’m so piZZed? The rooms are being paid for with my credit card, so now I have two nights in a Manhattan hotel charged on my credit card when we are only staying one night. That is if the stupid girl got my information right, I am waiting for the e-mail confirmation.
I have to take partial responsibility for not checking it right away. But then, Kasey should have checked it too. I don’t know whether to laugh, cry, shoot him or myself. If there are no more blog posts, you’ll know I decided on shooting someone.

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote