5/19 NY Yankees 6 vs Tampa Bay Rays 10

If I had blogged yesterday the title would have been 5/18 NY Yankees 6 vs Boston Red Sox 7, it was as painful a game as the game before, but with no happy ending for the Yankees or their fans. I had decided to be like Mariano, not in terms of pitching, I can’t pitch to save my life, and I know this because I pitched in high school. I was awful. I had decided to ‘close the door’ on this game and look forward to the next game. It is a little harder to do that two games in a row.

As bad as this score looks, it was much worse the beginning of the 9th inning. Yankees scored 4 runs in the 9th inning. It was an exciting rally, but it didn’t last long enough.

To add injury to insult, Posada has a fracture on the bottom of his foot. Since I don’t want to talk about the game, which I missed since I was at church, I will just run down the list of injuries.

Aceves, Alfredo (P) ~ 15-day DL ~ TBD ~ Lower back discomfort ~ Placed on DL May 12.
Granderson, Curtis (CF) ~ 15-day DL ~ Possibly late May ~ Grade 2 strain of left groin .
Johnson, Nick (1B) ~ 15-day DL ~ August ~ Inflamed tendon in wrist ~ Surgery May 18.
Posada, Jorge (C) ~ 15-day DL ~ June 20 ~ Right foot injury ~ Received MRI on May 19
Swisher, Nick (RF)() ~ Day-to-day ~ TBD ~ Left bicep strain ~ Missed 4th straight game 5/19

So we have 5 players out and Marcus Thames stepped on a bat and turned his ankle. Nothing broken. Next game is against the Rays, then Yankees play the Mets. Thank goodness.

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  1. Nice overview–sad, but well written. I love the little guy smashing his head. That’s just how I felt watching AJ not be brilliant last night. I don’t believe Tampa Bay can be THAT good. I do believe a late game played in crappy weather Tuesday night left everyone feeling not so great. Maybe today’s sunshine will lift everyone’s spirits and bring out Derek’s homerun hitting.

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