5/13 NY Yankees 0 @ Detroit Tigers 6

So they lost big deal, nobody panic. Not saying I am happy about it, but it is only the second series they have lost and their standing are respectable. 22-12, .647(tied for second in the league, not the division, the league), 2 games behind. If the playoffs were right now they would be in them. My idiot co-worker (the one who calls me a “fake” Yankee fan) says, “I don’t want them to be the wildcard”, Dude, get a grip, they have only played 34 games. Plenty of time for them to move into first place.

Today’s game was kind of depressing because the pitching was not there, and the bats were not there. But they are coming home, probably already home by now, they got thehell out of Detroit and will not be going back. I don’t think any of them want to. Except maybe Curtis.

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote