5/2 NY Yankees 12 vs Chicago White Sox 3

There were a few changes in the line up today, Alex Rodriguez was off, as first Girardi said he just needed a rest, then later it came out that he was a little sore. Ramiro Pena replaced him at 3rd base, then later Jeter came out, Pena moved to short stop and Francisco Cervelli took over 3rd base. Nick Johnson was at first and Mark Teixeira was the designated hitter. Curtis Granderson was hurt yesterday, he pulled a groin muscle rounding second so Brett Gardner was put in center field and Marcus Thames was in left field.

Another stellar performance by Phil Hughes, and the rest of the team was phenomenal. Every time the ball was hit to left field I was holding my breath, Marcus Thames is not as good defensively as he is offensively. But he did fine, he actually made a great sliding catch. It looked to me that as he was running toward the ball he was yelling that he had it, then when he jumped up with the ball still in his glove everybody was clapping him on his back. Phil Hughes pitched 7 scoreless innings while the Yankees scored 12. The CWA were shut out until the ninth inning. Mark Melancon was the relief pitcher and the eighth inning was scoreless but in the ninth, one of the White Sox hit a home run with two men on base. I was quite upset that they only won by 9 runs when they could have won by 12. Heee!

Offensively the Yanks were hot, obviously. First Gardner brings Cano in on a single. Then Gardner hit a home run. This pitcher has never had a base stolen while he pitches. We know Gardner loves to steal bases so instead of walking him he threw one over the plate and Brett hit it over the wall into the seats. The next home run was by Robinson Cano, it was a three run home run. Thames hit a pop up that the infield missed just glanced off one of their gloves. Then Swisher hits a two run home run. Had to outdo Gardner I guess. Hee hee, Mark hit 4 out of 5, Kasey and I think it was being hit during the spring training affecting his hitting. No home runs but hitting pretty good now. A good game to win the series and make up for yesterday’s not so good game.

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